The Asham Award: the foremost short story prize for new women writers.
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Including Angela Carter and new stories by Susie Boyt and Helen Dunmore.
Introduction by Lennie Goodings

Virago £8.99

Tessa Green Departure Time
Diana Swennes Smith  Leaving Her
Kate Marsh  School Run
Penelope Macdonald  A sense of Perspective
Angela Readman  Birds Without Wings
Helen Dunmore  Duty-Free
Emily Russell Hwyl
Pippa Gough The Journey to the Brothers' Farm
Dawn Nicholson  Pay Day
Susie Boyt  Documentary at Clareville Lodge
Dolores Pinto  Where Life Takes You
Lynn Kramer  Legs
Deepa Anapparra The Elephant in the Suitcase
Carol Rowntree Jones Level and Nearly Unaffected
Angela Carter  The Magic Toyshop

2011 Something Was There

Edited by Kate Pullinger
First prize
Linda McVeigh for All Over the Place

Second prize
Kate Morrison for Sam Brown

Third prize
Fiona Law for The Traveller

Special mention
Gabriela Blandy for The Courting

The anthology includes Happy Valley, a recently discovered story by Daphne du Maurier
2009 Waving at the Gardener

Edited by Kate Pullinger
Bloomsbury 2009 £7.99

Jo LLoyd   Because it is Running By (first prize)

Hilary Plews   Lily's Army (second prize)
Cherise Saywell   The Candle Garden (third prize)

Alexandra Fox   Whalebone Stays
Nora Morrison   All for the Best
Janna Connerton    The Stripper and the Dead Man
Erica Rocca    Something Small and Understood
Vicky Grut     Visitors
Alison Dunn     Omi's Ghosts
Juno McKittrick     Bella
Liz Day     Waving at the Gardener
Catherine Chanter     A Summary of Findings

Commissioned stories
Alison Macleod The Thaw
Esther Freud   The Crossroads
Margaret Atwood   Rape Fantasies


2007  Is This What You Want?
Edited by Kate Pullinger

Anna Britten  The Girl from the Dotcom
Brenda Eisenberg  Under the Black Hat
Katie Barron The Chicken and the Lettuces
Emma Handerson  A L'Ombre
Gabi McEwen  Rise Above It
Janey Huber  The Serpent's Child   (Third Prize)
Kathryn Simmonds  Pentecost
Lois McEwan  Mrs Laidlaw's Event Horizon   (Second prize)
Maire Cooney   Is This What You Want?
Marian Garvey   All That's Left   (First prize)
Miriam Moss  Looking In
Victoria Marvin  Honey Storms

Commissioned stories
Rachel Cusk   Thirst
Patricia Duncker  Doubling Up
Tessa Hadley   Pretending
Nancy Lee  We Three Kings
Emily Perkins  How Do You Tell When a Person's Broken?
Kate Pullinger  In Lieu of Parenting


2006  Don't Know a Good Thing
Edited by Kate Pullinger

Vale Benson   Initation at Graaff-Reinet
Jessica Bowman   Don’t Know a Good Thing
Carys Davies     Hwang
Kim Fleet   Winnebago Nomad
Alexandra Fox   Rounding the Corner
Bridget Fraser   Threads
Tara Gould    The Turnover Bridge
Francesca Kay    Holding the Baby
Annie Kirby   The Wing  (First Prize)
Romi Jones     Eminem and the Virgin Mary
Sally Hinchcliffe    In Heaven there is no Beer
Lianne Kolirin    Elvis has Entered the Building

Commissioned stories
Trezza Azzopardi    Remnants
Louise Doughty    Into Each Heart
Helen Dunmore    With Shackleton
Helen Simpson    Up at a Villa
Lynne Truss    Good Dog
Marina Warner    After the Fox


2004 Shoe Fly Baby
Edited by Kate Pullinger
Bloomsbury 2004 £6.99

'The best managed of these odd couples is the one in the story to which the judges ... awarded the first prize, Victoria Briggs's 'Shoe Fly Baby'....The precarious balance of desire and power, of sexual pleasure and simple satisfaction in a job well done, is extremely well-handled.'
Adam Mars-Jones The Observer

Naomi Alderman      Gravity (Joint third prize)
Victoria Briggs        Shoe Fly Baby (First prize)
Carey Jane Hardy  Face to Face
Lucy Lepchani       The Monarch (Second prize)
Morag Macinnes    The Scotswoman’s Pillow book
Jane Maltby            An Angel in the Garden
Morag McDowell    Flowers in the Dark
Rachael McGill      Butter Fish Parrot Fish
Hannah Murgatroyd    In the Forest, in the Field
Hilary Plews          Victoria (Joint third prize)
Lisa Sabbage       Elvis and the Mermaid
Valerie Thornton   Or Maybe Gold

Commissioned stories
Lesley Glaister    Rhinoceros
Lesley Jensen    The Girl who Reversed Progress
Maggie O’Farrell     The Problem with Oliver
Kamila Shamsie   Horatio’s Story
Francine Stock    Antechamber
Erica Wagner    Miss Brooks


2002 Harlot Red
Edited by Carole Buchan and Kate Pullinger
Serpent's Tail  2002 £7.99

'The winners are more than capable of standing up on their own in a volume without the support of more established writers.' The Times

Jo Campbell    Yanks
Tania Casselle    Pat a Cake Pat a Cake (joint third prize)
Frances Childs    Prospect House (first prize)
Fiona Curnow    Killing Guinevere
Magi Gibson    Harlot Red
Leila Keys    Requiem
Linda Leatherbarrow   Lost Boys
Rowena Macdonald    Goin’ Dancin’ (joint third prize)
Ravia Marindo    Jacob’s Tree
Jenny Mitchell    The Master and the Maid (second prize)
Georgia Moseley    The Night Shift
Ling E. Teo    East Mountain’s all Borrowed Light

Commissioned Stories
Louise Doughty    Generation
Patricia Duncker    The Second Coming of Sara Montiel
A.L. Kennedy    A Wrong Thing
Elene Lappin    Trophy Widows
Kate Pullinger    Fur Coats
Carol Shields    Here’s


2000 Reshape Whilst Damp
Edited by Carole Buchan
Serpent's Tail

Ros Barber Reshape Whilst Damp      Second Prize
Clare Bayley Guatemala Moon       Joint third prize
Helen Cleary  Exposure
Harkiran Dhindsa  The Mixing of Mendhi
Vicky Grut  Downsizing
Sarah Johnson  Skin Sins
Ann Jolly     Girls in their Loveliness    First Prize
Marion Mathieu The Iron Claw
Aoi Matsushima The Professional Wedding Attendee    (Joint third prize)
Ruth Shabi  Anything you can Do

Commissioned stories
Elspeth Barker Dogs of Athens
Helen Dunmore The Lighthouse Keeper’s Wife
Kate Mosse Deptford Girls
Michele Roberts Monsieur Mallarmé Changes Names
Barbara Trapido Friends
Lynne Truss Year Zero


1997 The Catch
Edited by Carole Buchan
Serpents Tail 1998 £8.99

'The prizewinners do well. They are bold in their style and in the demands made on the reader, and the subjects are refreshingly undomestic and undomesticated' The Times

Cari Crook    The Catch (First prize)
Cathy Cullis    Moving Back
Olivia Davison    Black Cherries
Catherine Eisner    The Cheated Eye
Layn Feldman     Hetty Mayvern Decides
Ann Gilchrist    The Sign
Clare Girvan    The Drawing Room
Susan Holland    Rhubarb
Leila Keys    The Dance
Anne Summerfield    The Velvet Maid
Erica Wagner    Pyramid
Nargis Walker    A Tower of Silence
Julia Widdows    Ami de Maison

Commissioned stories
Kate Atkinson    Inner Balance
Rachel Cusk    Smoker
Louise Doughty    Ocarina
Candia McWilliam    With Every Tick of the Heart
Deborah Moggach    How Are You?

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